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There are three options to consider when choosing a toshiba reverse cycle air conditioner for your home: a single-split system, a multi-split system and a ducted reverse-cycle air conditioner. Single-split system reverse-cycle air conditioners are a great option for most australian homes. They’re ideal if you want to efficiently heat and cool one space, such as a living room or bedroom. Multi-split system reverse cycle air conditioners are ideal if you want to efficiently heat and cool multiple spaces throughout your home. These systems usually have one outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor hi-wall units. system Ducted reverse-cycle air conditioners are the best options when you want to heat and cool multiple rooms throughout your home without having a hi-wall unit in each room.

The size and type of unit you need the amount of cabling, piping, and ducting necessary a meter board upgrade the level of access to your home how long it takes to complete installation first of all, air conditioning tradies charge per hour, and you can expect to pay around $30 per hour for their services. On top of that, you will pay roughly the following for split system air conditioners: $600 for 2. 5kw , which is ideal for a bathroom or other small room $1300 for 5kw , great for an office or spare bedroom $2600 for 9kw , perfect for a living room, master bedroom, or kitchen.

Split system cooling units are fitted with 24-hour timers, so you can wake up toasty in the winter or cool on a summer morning. They offer crisp refrigerated air by immediately circulating cool air without creating condensation. The air is recycled to ensure that your ideal temperature is maintained. Unlike other systems, split systems are built to cool one room only. Since it’s unlikely that you will cool a room you are not in, you’ll save money on running costs.

When you opt for ducted reverse cycle air conditioning in adelaide, you’re in for a wonderful experience. Also referred to as central air conditioning, this type of air conditioner is effective for a constant heating and cooling temperature for your home or office. Using its state-of-the-art technology, reverse cycle air conditioners are noise-free, reliable, simple to use and most importantly, energy-efficient. In addition to that, it offers more convenience with its dual solution feature. A reverse cycle air conditioning system in adelaide can be installed in your new home or customised to fit into an existing house. Generally, it is ideal for customers who are not a fan of exposed and highly noticeable air conditioners.

What are the advantages of a reverse cycle air conditioning system?

Can a split system cool a whole house? in most cases, a split system is unable to cool a whole house and you may be better suited for a ducted reverse cycle or evaporative air conditioning system. However, for many apartments and open plan floor plans, a larger split system air conditioner can usually cool most of your common areas. refrigerant This could mean you can cool your whole home with a few split system units placed strategically throughout. How do split system air conditioning units work? split systems get their name from the use of two connected units, one located on the internal wall of a property, and the other on the exterior.

Capable of heating and cooling every room within your home, ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems, are the complete climate control solution. They deliver cooled or heated air to up to 10 separate zones in your home, allowing you to air condition your entire property or only a single room. This ‘zoning’ feature means that you can cool or heat only the rooms you are using, thereby reducing energy wastage and your energy costs. Operation is made easy with a central control system that lets you simply adjust temperatures, zoning and the in-built ‘set and forget’ timer. Ducted air conditioners are the quietest of all air conditioning systems and with only grills mounted in the ceiling or floor they are also the most discrete.

The advantages of reverse cycle air conditioning far outweigh the disadvantages. That’s why reverse-cycle air conditioners are the most popular heating and cooling systems in australia! advantages: energy-efficient and environmentally friendly adaptable systems.

A reverse cycle air conditioner is used to cool your home or workspace in summer and warm your home or workspace in winter, all in one energy-efficient unit. The reverse cycle air conditioning system extracts heat from the outside air and transfers it inside. This refrigerated system with a reversing valve changes the direction the refrigerant gas travels in your system. In cool mode, hot air is pumped outside, and in heat mode the hot air is pumped inside. These systems also have other modes such as dry mode (to remove moisture from humid air) and fan mode (circulating and cleaning air on milder days).

Is now the time to get that air conditioner installed?

When you reach out to trim temp air, our expert local technicians will help you choose the perfect reverse cycle air conditioner for you. They will take the time to assess your floorplan, determine your unique work or lifestyle preferences, and get an idea of your budget. From there, you will receive an honest, upfront quote covering the total cost of supply and installation – so you know exactly what to expect. No hidden surprises!.

(1) any reverse cycle air conditioner (non-ducted) installed must comply with as/nzs 60335. 2. 40. (2) removed pre-existing heaters/coolers shall have refrigerants and any other scheduled substances disposed of in accordance with the australian and new zealand refrigerant handling code of practice as established under the ozone protection and synthetic greenhouse gas management act 1989 (cth).

Hi wall split systems are the most common types of air conditioning installed today. They consist of two parts – an outside unit and an inside unit. The inside unit is a heat exchanger and is mounted on a wall inside the room to be cooled – it consists of a fan which blows air over coils containing refrigerant which can cool or heat the room. The outside unit contains the other half of the heat exchanger which does the opposite of the one inside. It also houses the compressor thereby keeping the noisiest parts outside. A cooling only model removes heat from inside the room and transfers it outside.

There are many options of reverse cycle units and there is sure to be a model that best suits your home or office. The most common unit is the split system. Simply this means the air-conditioner separated with one indoor unit and one outdoor unit and the two are connected with pipe work and cabling. The different styles of split systems are: wall mounted split wall mounted split system is the most typical, with many models to choose from. Ideally it is installed high on an external wall which allows for the pipe work and drainage to exit through the wall behind the unit and connected to the outdoor unit either directly below at ground level or bracketed high on the wall.

Want to know more?

It is an all-rounder who doesn’t like to save money and have all year round comfort? for unpredictable weather, the best way to prepare yourself is to have reverse cycle air conditioning in melbourne. The system provides cooling in summer and heating in winter, providing total home comfort from a single unit. It is cost-efficient though buying the best reverse cycle air conditioning unit can be initially expensive, it will save costs in the longer run. If you decide to have a split air conditioning system, you will have to invest in a separate unit for each room; whereas, a reverse cycle unit will provide a total home air conditioning solution.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

Ducted reverse-cycle air-conditioning offers both cooling and heating to multiple rooms at once. Refrigerated air is circulated through a system of ducts and ceiling vents to consistently maintain air temperature, providing year-round comfort throughout your home. Jarrahdale heating & cooling offer supply and install of the complete range of ducted air-conditioning from world-leading manufacturers; fujitsu air-conditioning, haier and daikin. All systems are available with interest-free finance for up to 36 months. Our suppliers have been carefully selected to offer the broadest range of systems and price-points while offering superior value for money.

Carrier pearl reverse cycle air conditioners (737 kb pdf) mitsubishi msz-gl reverse cycle air conditioners (5. 3 mb pdf) mitsubishi signature series reverse cycle air conditioners (539 kb pdf) toshiba reverse cycle air conditioners (1. 2 mb pdf) rinnai g_series reverse cycle air conditioners.

Like split systems, reverse cycle air conditioners can warm as well as cool a room or house. Utilising a heat pump, warm air can be extracted by the aircon unit and replaced with cool air; indeed, the process can be reversed depending on the season and your needs. Additionally, the composition and structure of the residence must be kept in mind when selecting your particular unit, as to optimise energy efficiency (and thus lower costs). Talk with kool air today to discover which reverse cycle options would be best for your living situation; we stock a range of high-quality brands such as daikin, panasonic, fujitsu & mitsubishi.

This window/wall model gives you the comfort of reverse cycle air conditioning without the need for expensive installation.

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